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ACM-Best-Practices.pdf - Hints to manage security seals.
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Welcome to American Casting & Manufacturing —
For over 100 years, AC&M has designed and manufactured Meter and Utility Seal Specialists. Click for more information.tamper evident seals, tags and locks for all types of applications. From safeguarding cargo containers to inventory control, we've supplied standard and custom seals Fire Extinguisher Sealsnumbered and imprinted for every application imaginable.

New Tamper
Evident Tapes...

Tamper Evident TapesWe've added three new types of tape; perforated tape, tape for stretch wrapped pallets and tape specifically formulated for wooden crates: more about our new security tapes...

ISO/PAS 17712

C-TPAT / ISO 17712 Compliant SealsSteel, high security, plastic coated  bolt locks comply with US Customs rules for C-TPAT ISO/PAS 17712. Classified as high security container seals...more about PBLT-2-H
Please Contact American Casting For —
Large Quantity Orders Custom Printing
Standing Orders Numbering & Bar-Codes
Custom Colors Special Application Designs

A Featured Product:
BagGuard Seals — PS360
Excellent strength, very easy to use. Special teeth grip cloth bags, resist 'twist-off' tampering. Great for coin and money bags... more about BagGuard seals...

Helpful hints for managing your security seals - see ACM-Best-Practices.pdf 30 Kb.

Bolt Locks, Cable Seals,
C-TPAT Compliant Seals,
Pull-Tight Strap Seals,
Tamper Evident Tapes & Labels

Featured NEW Product

The LabelZon line of newly developed tamper evident 1" x 4" labels (1,000 per roll) are quickly becoming one of our most popular products...

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Tapes & Labels
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Security seals and tamper evident pull up seals, plastic and metal truck seals, strap seals, shipping seals. Plastic padlocks for utility meters  and truck seals, cable locks. C-TPAT seals printed, numbered and bar coded. Bag and money bag tags and seals, applicator tools, self voiding tapes and tamper evident labels, bolt locks, lead and wire seals. Contact American Casting with your requirements.

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